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Therefore, if the Son makes you free, 

you shall be free indeed. 

John 8:36

Our mission is to provide a safe haven of healing, biblical counseling, resources, and tools to set women free from bondage to live a fulfilling life.


Simply put...

We help women transition into their next level of life.




How? By going through an unconditioning process that eliminates toxic mindsets & behaviors.

This results in being liberated from mental, emotional, & financial barriers.

During the transition, the goal is to obtain stability, which brings security in every area of life.

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Next Level Academy (new & improved JB2W) is our signature program

where your transition takes place...

Not only will you experience the journey back to wholeness,

but we also equip you with a blueprint, tools, resources, and community as we walk you into your next phase of life

For more information about Next Level Academy click the button below!


Check Out The Experiences...


Have you ever left after a weekend blown away from a sermon or conference you just attended, where you just felt the presence of God move you in so many ways? I felt this each week for eight weeks during the course The Journey Back to Wholeness. This course begins with  foundations of God's word and continues through each session, where you are able to feel more confident about who you are, and whose you are. The passion and love for God and to help other women from all walks of life is evident in Shametrias's teachings. This course is not a "get fixed quick" course, but it's about building back your relationship with God, activating your faith,  changing your perception, so you can start producing  the fruit you were meant to in all areas of your life. I would highly recommend this course to all women, and we all need a Shametria in our corner.

- Jacqueline Foreman

Shametria is a wonderful Instructor.  Her wisdom and kindness, were key during this course.  She was attentive and passionate about God's work and his people.  During the last eight weeks she wasn't just a teacher, she was a prayer warrior, a Sister in Christ and a Friend!  I came into this class feeling lost and confused, during the eight weeks I've used the principals and lessons learned from this course in my walk with God to really experience Breakthrough from the stuckness and stagnation I was experiencing.  I realized a lot of old mindsets and focus on past hurts were stopping me from truly experiencing God's best for me.  I feel confident that the tools I've gained during this journey will continue to bless my life and my relationship with God.

- Cemonique Davis


JB2W helped me remember who I am, whose I am, and what I was created for! I was reminded I will never have it all figured out and that doing things my way always led me to an unsatisfied way of life which left me feeling stuck. The JB2W is just what it says it is, a JOURNEY! It is not a quick fix, but a blue print to help you journey your way back to wholeness with The Lord! The enemy try’s to keep you in your old broken ways in hopes that is exactly where you will stay! Shametria shares with you the JB2W blue print that The Lord gave her to help you remember that you are chosen and that He has called you by name. Then Shametria helps you loosen those old grave cloths that has kept you bound up, so you can begin to move again! When you begin to move with Him the things He does is abundantly more than you could ever do on your own! Divine success begins in all areas of your life when you seek Him, trust Him, and follow His lead! Thank you Shametria for being a willing vessel to help The Lord free those who are bound!

- Whitney Pinkerton


Shametria Favors Richardson

Founder / Executive Director

​I am Shametria Favors Richardson and I have a passion to see women win! 

My mission is to provide a safe haven of healing, counseling, resources, and tools to set women free from bondage and live a fulfilling life.

As a Faith Coach, Biblical Counselor, Author, and Motivational Speaker; I'm thankful for the opportunity to see women transform daily.


A glimpse of my story...

In 2014, as a small-town girl, I resigned from my job of 9 years, left my family and relocated with just a mustard seed of faith. Having gone through a tough divorce that left me a single mother of two girls; I now desired to expose them to greater opportunities, which is what launched my faith journey.

Quickly, I discovered that this new journey was one that I could not make alone. Day by day, I dedicated myself to creating an intimate relationship with God and found myself leaning on Him in every way. He became my core and he was faithful, just as he always is! He built my faith and endurance through every trial and tribulation I faced including the major move, only earning 25% of the income I lived on previously, an increased cost of living, and two job lay-offs.

Upon my experience and gained knowledge I learned that the place of transition is absolutely one of the hardest places anyone could be, but yet it is a necessary space for growth and development. It is during our transitions that we experience the pressure that produces the access to our next level in life. I share that to say, in this place it required me to implement my faith in God, wisdom, get an understanding, do the work and surrender to the flow of His divine current, which led me to wealth in EVERY area of my life!

Today, I am dedicated to teaching this process globally and helping women through the place of transition as they embark on new territory and establish a fulfilling life! Let’s go! Your best has yet to come!


Blessings & favor,

Shametria Favors Richardson

Mee Our Founder
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