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I will lift up my eyes to the hills from whence comes my help, my help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

Psalms 121: 1-2

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are you a gray area mother?

  • What is a G.A.M.?
    She is single mother who falls between making too much money to qualify for any assistance and not enough money to make ends meet. This GAM has the desire to do what it takes to become financially free and to change the trajectory of her generations to come by building generational wealth.
  • How Faith & Freedom Ministries Will Help
    Here at Faith & Freedom Ministries it is our mission is to equip women with the knowledge and skills to be spiritually, mentally, and financially free through an intimate relationship with God. This consist of helping the GAM build and strengthen her faith; destroying strongholds; providing knowledge and tools for financial freedom; inspiring and assisting her in launching her dreams; holding her accountable; and providing prayerful guidance and support. The key is for the GAM to understand, God's plans for her are good and only for her to prosper. She must confidently know she has the power to create & make opportunities instead of waiting on them to happen. Faith & Freedom Ministries will equip her to do just that throgh the Gray Area Mother's Seminar Series.
  • What is the Gray Area Mothers Seminar Series?
    Spend the year growing, evolving, and transforming into the woman you were created to be. Build and strengthen your faith; destroy strongholds; and gain knowledge and skills to become spiritually, mentally, and financially free over the course of this 12-series seminar. Each registration includes access to the following success kit. GAM Success Kit - 12 series (3/4 weeks each) - FREE 42, 1-on-1 sessions w/ Success Coach 12, 1-on - sessions w/ Financial Coach GAM Summer Retreat Registration (link) Illuminating Faith Winter Gala Registration (link) Gray Area Mothers Workbook Manifest Accountability Prayer Journal (link) A Mother's Heart eBook (Prayers, Declarations, and Affirmations) to have during series. 5/10 year Goal Planner Customized Motivational Playlist Unlimited Access to literature resources Register today to launch and live out your passion!
  • How Can I Learn More?
    Have more questions? Email us at

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~Shametria Favors Richardson

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