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Therefore, if the Son makes you free, 

you shall be free indeed. 

John 8:36


Favors Richardson

Founder / Executive Director


​I am Shametria Favors Richardson and I have a passion to see women win! 

My mission is to provide a safe haven of healing, counseling, resources, and tools to set women free from bondage and live a fulfilling life.


As a Faith Coach, Biblical Counselor, Author, and Motivational Speaker; I'm thankful for the opportunity to see women transform daily.

A glimpse of my story...

In 2014, as a small-town girl, I resigned from my job of 9 years, left my family and relocated with just a mustard seed of faith. Having gone through a tough divorce that left me a single mother of two girls; I now desired to expose them to greater opportunities, which is what launched my faith journey. Quickly, I discovered that this new journey was one that I could not make alone. Day by day, I dedicated myself to creating an intimate relationship with God and found myself leaning on Him in every way. He became my core and he was faithful, just as he always is! He built my faith and endurance through every trial and tribulation I faced including the major move, only earning 25% of the income I lived on previously, an increased cost of living, and two job lay-offs.

Upon my experience and gained knowledge I learned that with the understanding of faith I could operate in freedom & once I was free, I could make faith a lifestyle. For the first time in my adult life, I was experiencing freedom which entailed peace and joy. PRICELESS! It is my heart's desire to see women around the world experience and live in that same freedom.


Even though freedom brings forth fulfillment, it is impossible to be free without healing. Moving forward and healing are two different things. You cannot effectively move forward without healing. I learned this during my own personal healing journey, which is where our signature program The Journey Back to Wholeness was born. Again, to effectively move forward you most go back, address unprocessed pain and heal. It’s not easy but necessary to be liberated, which is why we provide a safe haven for women to heal.

Faith & Freedom Ministries isn’t just an organization, it’s my DESTINY! I was created to help women (that experienced toxic relationships and emotional abuse) who are stuck in life, break free by teachiing them how to implement the necessary tools to live a fulfilling life. I am beyond thankful for the opportunity to pour into women, everything God has poured into me. It is an honor and privilege to be used by Abba to serve and help women around the world to experience his glory.

I'll leave you with this... I am living proof that change is as simple as making a conscious decision to do something different. All you have to do is back that decision up with your faith and actions. I've discovered how to organize and operate in life by taking extraordinary leaps of faith, standing on the Word of God and experiencing his promises manifest right before my eyes. I'm also committed to help others do the same. Let's go!

Blessings & favor,

Shametria Favors Richardson 


Check Out The Experiences...

“I have truly been blessed by spending time with my faith coach and having a deep dive into the 7 Principles for a Faith Based Life. The 1st principle was introduced to me when I was going through a life altering moment. Developing this intimate relationship was a game changer.” 

~ Faith2Freedom Transformation Client

"She has helped me go to a new level in faith and my personal relationship with God. I love the down to earth, real and raw sessions where she shares her testimony and the word of God. This has pushed me to go deeper with God because he has so much more for me than what I have limited him to. I wouldn't have imagined this much growth in just 3 sessions!"

~ Faith2Freedom Transformation Client

Shametria has help me too build my faith in God’s word, by applying Gods word. Therefore, I’m seeing Gods promises manifest in my life and growing my faith. As long as I believe, trust and acknowledge God as Yahweh and Jesus as my savior my faith will continue to grow. I’m so grateful...” 

~ Faith2Freedom Transformation Client

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